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#795 closed Installation on Win7 64 bit
#699 closed Installed sample databases are read-only under Vista / Windows 7
#776 closed Installer does not position 'impacts.exe'
#1146 closed Issue report and EwE about box should state OS version, NET version
#1293 closed It is not clear that status panel content has been added
#1071 closed It takes too long to clear a grid
#552 closed Key Indicies Not being claculated correctly
#1510 closed Label error in Lindeman Spline
#1511 closed Label error in Lindeman Spline
#691 closed Labels on Ecospace output map badly visible and static
#1043 closed Landings grid paste
#757 closed Last value of manual changes to Time series not saved
#634 closed Launching app by double-clicking MDB may not load plug-ins
#1485 closed Layer import / export does not work for vector layers
#1290 closed Layer import/export too restrictive
#343 closed Less than half of all forcing functions loaded
#1524 closed Lindeman spine does not immediately respond to font changes
#1163 closed Link groups and fleets when selecting 'visible items'
#29 closed Load Ecosim/Ecospace Scenario set to last run value
#642 closed Load forcing function from CSV
#891 closed Loading Ecosim may affect groups with imported detritus diets in Ecopath
#71 closed Loading Ecosim scenarios that are not already defined or trying to define them.....
#1572 closed Loading Ecospace does not run Ecosim, which can cause problems
#1475 closed Loading Ecospace map may dirty data sources
#914 closed Loading monte carlo model twice causes an exception
#794 closed Log file location may not be valid under Win7
#1244 closed Log verbose status is not preserved when EwE restarts
#258 closed Logging application events in the Log file seriously affects application performance
#315 closed Long term egg production thumbnail looks like a box
#1376 closed Losing water when importing depth data
#1121 closed MAP optimizations form may throw an exception when closed
#1579 closed MCMC not recalculating TL
#877 closed MPA Optimization Area closed not working
#483 closed MPA does not persist through core when loading
#1537 closed MPA maps are Boolean now
#1212 closed MPA optimizations are not connected to Auto-save structure
#1025 closed MPA optimizations is missing editors for map layers
#1213 closed MPA optimizations save file format is non-standard
#1519 closed MPAs not applied correctly
#697 closed MSE - can't alter items to display or run
#982 closed MSE CV colours inconsistent
#750 closed MSE Default target fishing mortalities not set when importing model.
#847 closed MSE Group Assessments and Fleet Assessments and FPS form throw exception when closing
#835 closed MSE Group CV only show groups that are harvested
#824 closed MSE Group reference levels 'Reset to target fishing mortality' sets values to -9999
#861 closed MSE Plots not formatting correctly
#1264 closed MSE Run form layout problems
#814 closed MSE effort not reflected in Ecosim effort
#730 closed MSE form does not refresh some values when scenario is reloaded
#719 closed MSE plots crashes when closed
#813 closed MSE should use F time series
#1600 closed MSY strange behaviour
#1309 closed MTI diagram EMF is not usable
#1042 closed MTI graph grid size
#1222 closed MTI plot does not respond to display group options
#1462 closed MTI plot legend misplaced
#1413 closed Make Ecospace flow fields editable in the UI
#1251 closed Make Ecospace retain visiblity state of layers in BaseMap interface
#1241 closed Make Ecospace use a mask layer rather than depth = 0
#502 closed Make New Database -> Ask if you want to update your database
#1047 closed Make database backup the working copy for a new version of EwE
#1317 closed Map contours lost when land cells have no value
#1341 closed Map layer editor improvements
#1114 closed Maps should display hover toolbar
#98 closed Market Price (fishing fleets) default values
#518 closed Market Price/ Off-vessel Prices should be set to 1 as default
#66 closed Mass- balance/ parametrization
#598 closed Mediation
#386 closed Mediation -> Change Shape -> Does not update main graph
#249 closed Mediation Reset/New/Duplicate/Add always setting to 1.0
#488 closed Mediation X baseline line missing
#1031 closed Mediation and Price Elasticity shape clip X axis to number of Ecosim year
#26 closed Mediation biomass percentage missing.
#943 closed Mediation exception on assigning both fleet and group to same shape
#336 closed Mediation form: Define biomass percentage form hard to use
#1353 closed Mediation grids shows 'reveal hidden data' option
#944 closed Mediation interface does not pick correct colours for fleets
#942 closed Mediation interface does not respond to group and fleet colour changes
#659 closed Mediation numbering inconsistent when one is deleted
#490 closed Mediation shape editing
#615 closed Mediation shape interface axis information is misleading
#1032 closed Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline
#1398 closed Mediation thumbnail list flickering
#322 closed Mediation/Forcing Function shapes not available
#1195 closed Migration map editor may throw errors
#1018 closed Migration months-location do not import from 5
#112 closed Missing edit groups button in june 30 build
#536 closed Missing vonbK parameter for deleted multistanza groups error
#485 closed Mitsuyo MORI: F values for individual groups this does not seem to be read by ECOSIM
#1106 closed Mixed trophic impact plot - circles plot needs to be inverted?
#94 closed Model balancing- biomass in habitat area reading incorrect values
#1074 closed Model craches after creating groups in a new model
#672 closed Model does not save after crash
#260 closed Model fails to save when timeseries Applied
#1465 closed Model from Ecosim ACCDB error
#1289 closed Model from Ecosim database may be empty
#1588 closed Model from Sim gets the time steps wrong
#1295 closed Model generation message shows as alert
#790 closed Models on Ecopath.org too old
#266 closed Monte Carlo 'Annual output' should be the default output mode
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