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Bug Report

We do our very best to deliver stable and feature-rich versions of the EwE software. Yet, issues will occasionally not be caught by our tests; we're a small team, and the software can be used in many different ways for a wide range of purposes. Bug reports are the best way to inform us of unexpected behaviour of the EwE software 6, and to suggest improvements to the software.

Pending tickets

All tickets opened since the start of the EwE6 project in 2006 can be found here.

Reporting new tickets

Please search the list of open tickets before you report a new ticket; people may have already addressed the same issue. If you do not have user name and password access to the ticket system you can either report the ticket by email, or request a bug tracker account.

Best practices

Reporting errors via a ticketing system such as Trac is quite a straight-forward process if a few simple rules are kept in mind. A good bug report ticket needs to have:

  1. A concise but informative title that explains the essence of the problem
  2. The version number of EwE that caused the problem
  3. A list of steps explaining how to reproduce the bug
  4. Lastly, a sentence on what was experienced instead of the expected behaviour
  5. Specific data may have to be attached to the ticket if the error only appears using that data

An example for a reasonably good bug report is ticket #1240.

How bug reports are handled

The EwE developers frequently check the active bug list if new issues have been reported. Whenever it can be integrated into current activities, bug reports are validated and classified by component (where does the bug occur), version (in what version of the software), severity (the impact on the workings of EwE) and priority. We try to address bug reports in collaboration with our users via support or co-development, or during a Beta testing phase when finalizing a new public release of EwE6.

Interactions between bug reporter, developers and users may be needed to establish a solution. Any intermediate step is documented in the ticket for the bug. Eventually, the ticket is closed when the issue is resolved.

The resolved bug will then be entered in the EwE change log, and any resolution will become part of the next public release of EwE.