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#219 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities- set vulnerabilities function only allows 1 column at a time
#218 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal shapes 1-3 have long-term status
#217 closed Two missing options on Biomass form - Fleet dynamics and Network analysis
#216 closed FF - options- shape- not working properly
#215 closed Ecosim FF values- not saving changes
#214 closed Forcing function numbers not easily available for hatchery and nutrient forcing
#213 closed Status bar does not reflect new name of models `saved as`
#212 closed FF duplicate button not working correctly
#211 closed Add kite to policy optimizations
#210 closed Forcing functions need numbers and names
#209 closed Ecosim- parameters-Nutrient loading forcing # needs corresponding FF #
#208 closed Cannot open previously converted EwE 6 models
#207 closed Windows menu - 'close all 'clears Navigator window
#206 closed Forcing function form - values box causes crash when you hit ok
#205 closed Apply Time Series overwrites original forcing function data
#204 closed Edit regions - cannot change number of regions
#203 closed Edit MPAs form not updating properly
#202 closed Clicking basemap causes crash
#201 closed New Ecospace scenario fails to load
#200 closed Several problems with Policy search
#199 closed Time Series apply interface must support Datasets
#198 closed Remarks panel retains its content when closing a model. Editing this content will cause the app to crash
#197 closed Edit description of Ecosim scenarios
#196 closed Notes/bugs with Monte Carlo form
#195 closed Error loading group info
#194 closed Error converting database
#193 closed Fishing rate sketchpad stops drawing while the graph is re-sizing
#192 closed Check boxes don't work on Show All Fits form
#191 closed Deleting a newly added time series causes Tampa Bay model to crash
#190 closed Values dialogue box on Time Series form
#189 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities> set button does not work
#188 closed Reset F's in Eocism output not automatically updating
#187 closed Group info> max relative feeding time changed from default not correct in output
#186 closed Ecosim parameters > proportion of base nutrients not making changes to biomass output
#185 closed changing ecosim run time does not automatically update
#184 closed Apply egg production form crashes model
#183 closed Electivity not being calculated for detritus
#182 closed copying cells into excell> -9999 values
#181 closed Clear All on Apply Forcing function form causes software to hang
#179 closed Mortality coefficients> net migration rate- negative values not being calculated /displayed correctly
#178 closed Egg production form - can't add
#177 closed Mortality Coefficients> Predation mortality rate- extreme values not highlighted
#176 closed Diet composition changes not saving to core
#175 closed Apply mediation and forcing function form - Clear all and Set all
#174 closed Status window gives Ecopath run successful message when model is not balanced
#173 closed Several problems with forcing function form
#172 closed Attempt to open Ocean Test model from old Ecopath mdb caused crash
#171 closed Option to Save model not always available
#170 closed Time Series - Icon does not appear when you `right click>apply` on thumbnail
#169 closed Network analysis: Summary of flow data node in wrong place
#168 closed Cannot add more than one Egg production shapes
#167 closed Several bugs with Mediation form
#166 closed Ecopath>output>fishery>value missing output data columns
#165 closed Ecopath unable to run with negative key index values
#164 closed Other production- cannot enter negative numbers for biomass accumulation
#163 closed Commenting Cells in Basic input- comments not automatically updating
#162 closed Edit multistanza groups- interface closes when you click enter
#161 closed Creating/ adding multistanza groups- cannot add more once created
#160 closed Editing groups- editing multistanza ages- inverted numbers
#159 closed Options- group color not changing in Ecosim
#158 closed Tree Node cannot have same name as branch node
#157 closed Ecopath outputs > Fishery > Value does not display non-market value info
#156 closed Pasting into a grid without cells selected will crash EwE
#155 closed Adding or duplicating TS do not show up correctly
#154 closed Ecosim fails to save
#153 closed Cannot create new scenarios in Ecosim
#152 closed Deleting groups from time series tab- jumps to another interface
#151 closed time series- options- cannot change options in graphs
#150 closed reading 0s in time series instead of missing values
#149 closed Ecosim biomass output altered after loading time series.
#148 closed parameterization for groups with EE=0
#147 closed Multistanza graph not correct
#146 closed Ecosim not giving me output
#145 closed creating scenarios in Ecosim- using similar words causes problems
#144 closed Remarks missing in Ecopath Basic input
#143 closed Status panel should provide detailed info on database import failures
#142 closed Apply time series when no reference data (time series) loaded
#141 closed 'Biom accumul ' and 'Biom. acc.' not showing up on Key indicies tab
#140 closed Grids do not properly allow users to set a selection via keyboard
#139 closed Edit Multi Stanza grid does not respond to unit changes
#138 closed Ecospace- Fishery- editing fleet/habitat use- doesnt edit
#137 closed Assign Habitats-not working
#136 closed Ecospace- Basemap- Sketch basemap- not working
#135 closed Ecospace load scenario- not working
#134 closed Ecosim biomass outputs are not correct
#133 closed Increasing fishing rate in Ecosim- Changes not consistent
#132 closed SumB=0 assertion indicates that default model creation is not working well
#131 closed Basic Input screen- not accessible after using Ecosim
#130 closed Ecosim output- drawing screen not resetting properly
#129 closed Ecosim-output- biomass- Results are missing
#128 closed Ecosim- Net efficiency- incorrect values
#127 closed Ecopath- definition of fleets tab not updating automatically
#126 closed Cut and copy cels into excel- limited selection
#125 closed The Navigation tree does not collapse when a new model is loaded
#124 closed Vulnerabilties grid does not show new values when a different Ecosim scenario is loaded
#123 closed Vulnerabilities grid values not saved in the database
#122 closed Ecopath > DietComp > Sum to One does not flag the model as modified
#121 closed Ecopath output Fishery- quantity screen- total catch missing/ labels different from version 5
#120 closed Ecopath Output- Respitation calculation not correct
#119 closed Parameterization- with multi-stanza not working correctly
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