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#75 closed Show the least number of significant digits when formatting numbers
#1417 closed Show variable changes in status panel
#1507 closed Show/hide Ecosim plots leaves new screen empty
#1468 closed Show/hide trophic levels on Flow Diagram
#1211 closed ShowAllFits CSV file is malformed
#1314 closed Size problems with Forcing tool boxes
#669 closed Sketching mediation functions may crash Ecosim
#1363 closed Some EwE grids do not display correctly when Stanza Life Stages are not consecutive groups
#1473 closed Sometimes cannot modify mediation base value
#1561 closed Sometimes plug-ins cannot be disabled
#841 closed Spatial opt: Ecoseed approach does not seem to pick up seed cells
#842 closed Spatial opt: a better interface is needed to specify importance layer weights
#839 closed Spatial opt: cannot clear MPA seed cells
#843 closed Spatial opt: cursor result browsing does not work anymore
#840 closed Spatial opt: input map sometimes does not show
#1404 closed Spontaneous biomass accumulation
#1606 closed StWF main window is too large for low-res monitors
#1610 closed Standard EwE header in XML format malformed
#1073 closed Stanza grids may not group life stages together
#1046 closed Stanza missing parameters message is malformed
#583 closed Stanza vbK/VGBF not working properly
#1514 closed Start page does not show content properly
#1340 closed Start page keeps navigating to Ecopath start page
#1516 closed Start panel not showing correctly
#213 closed Status bar does not reflect new name of models `saved as`
#238 closed Status bar-cannot read last line automatically
#497 closed Status colouring of variables not properly reset
#1182 closed Status panel expand click navigates to hyperlink
#143 closed Status panel should provide detailed info on database import failures
#105 closed Status panel sub-messages will flip warning icon to information icon when selected
#174 closed Status window gives Ecopath run successful message when model is not balanced
#1410 closed Stepwise fitting autosaving cannot be disabled from Tools > Autosave
#1419 closed Stepwise fitting does not properly restore start status
#1492 closed Stepwise fitting does not save vulnerabilities
#1421 closed Stepwise fitting eradicates all forcing
#1420 closed Stepwise fitting reset vulnerabilities prompt
#267 closed Stock recruitment plot 'S/R plot' will not draw
#1525 closed Store all settings per diagram
#746 closed Stubborn MPAs - Not deleted
#608 closed Suggestion for network analysis under Ecosim runs
#638 closed Suggestion: advection field
#879 closed Suitability plot tab cannot be undocked
#1064 closed Sum of Squares value might be wrong in EwE 6.2
#132 closed SumB=0 assertion indicates that default model creation is not working well
#79 closed Summary time steps interface changes
#78 closed Summary time steps interface changes
#631 closed Switching applied FF to producer crashes Fit to TS
#947 closed Switching to Basic Input
#1270 closed Synchronize items on plots by landings and discards
#1566 closed Synchronize plot items by predation too
#458 closed System font incompatibilities may crash EwE6
#398 closed TS import dataset name not correct
#10 closed Tab pages goes back to start page when you peg a panel
#228 closed Tabbing from the Set text box into the EwE grid is not being supported
#248 closed Tabbing in Add time series form does not go in full circle
#244 closed Tabbing in Edit-Multi Stanza form does not go in full circle
#967 closed Taxon Exception when opening second model
#812 closed Taxon data should include phylum
#1365 closed Taxon grid leaves names empty
#986 closed Taxonomy data does not entirely reload in certain circumstances
#1316 closed Text boxes do not reveal their actual data
#1072 closed The "Set" box in vulnerabilities do not work
#1206 closed The Ecospace port locations did not import correctly into Beta version.
#500 closed The Flow diagram image can't be saved (Ecopath-Tools)
#125 closed The Navigation tree does not collapse when a new model is loaded
#252 closed The current design would not run the Network Analysis repeatedly
#314 closed The ecosim biomass graph redraws in response to a resize event even if it is not visible.
#234 closed The horizontal scroll bar in Ecosim Parameter and Ecospace Parameter forms is not working properly
#833 closed The interface has to be more intuitive on how to define groups, fleets, etc
#534 closed The time series data plot on the main Ecosim run plot incorrectly
#1284 closed The units for biomass/total throughput in Ecopath Statistics are wrong
#237 closed There is no interface available to set/change the name of a model
#170 closed Time Series - Icon does not appear when you `right click>apply` on thumbnail
#199 closed Time Series apply interface must support Datasets
#408 closed Time Series crash
#821 closed Time Series import does not provide error feedback on bogus clipboard data
#1079 closed Time Series weight only applies to reference series
#761 closed Time Series weighting in Fit to time series not working
#763 closed Time series confusion in EwE
#313 closed Time series data not ploting properly
#873 closed Time series does not unload when "None" data set is selected
#241 closed Time series duplicate shape changes screen- and gives wrong date
#1604 closed Time series fitting and blocking vulnerabilites
#1581 closed Time series import does not accept empty cells for pool code 2
#1246 closed Time series import fails on empty lines
#493 closed Time series import should immediately Apply
#243 closed Time series long term vs seasonal tab not updating properly
#239 closed Time series save image needs labels
#760 closed Time series values will delete if selected
#863 closed Timeseries appears to be loaded when switching Ecosim scenarios
#623 closed Timeseries datasets with forcing function data (eTimeSeriesType.TimeForcing) are not applied when timeseries dataset is loaded
#591 closed Timeseries plotting on ecosim plots
#652 closed Timeseries weighting default=0 NOT 1
#1508 closed Toggling graph legends may not show all items
#1613 closed Tool nav tree icon has no transparent background
#20 closed Tools Options menu - some features not working
#723 closed Tracer Exception when closing
#909 closed Transfer Efficiency seems to differ between EwE5 an EwE6
#158 closed Tree Node cannot have same name as branch node
#811 closed Truely share all resources
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