17:28 Ticket #662 (Ecospace may run out of memory on regions) created by jeroens
If every cell is converted into a region Ecospace may run out of memory on …
17:19 Ticket #661 (Opening a database from the core does not run database updates) created by jeroens
Database updates are only triggered from the Scientific Interface, not …


22:36 Ticket #660 (Remove mediation group causes error box) created by carieh
Shapes do delete correctly, however there is a pop-up box which looks …
22:26 Ticket #659 (Mediation numbering inconsistent when one is deleted) created by carieh
If you delete a mediation function (and likely a FF also) they are still …
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15:46 ManagementProcedures edited by shermanl
12:15 Ticket #658 (Altering Ecopath Diet Composition does not change the model.) created by cathyb
It seems that if you alter data in the diet comp the changes are not used …
12:13 Ticket #657 (Opening tab will open another tab - when selecting a plug-in node) created by cathyb
I noticed another intermittent glitch , although not a problem. Every now …


12:17 Ticket #656 (Multistanza: Changing Biomass Accum / Biomass does not change core) closed by joeb
fixed: BA Biomass Accumulation now updates when Stanza values are calculated
12:12 Ticket #656 (Multistanza: Changing Biomass Accum / Biomass does not change core) created by shermanl
When changing Biomass Accum. / Biomass in the Multistanza dialogue does …
09:20 Ticket #655 (Ecospace does not read my time series of fishing effort and mortality from ...) created by martac
I have a model fitted to time series of data, with some of this series …


16:04 Ticket #652 (Timeseries weighting default=0 NOT 1) closed by jeroens


23:49 Ticket #473 (Ecosim may crash when saving TS data in older EwE6 databases) closed by jeroens
not an issue
13:42 ManagementProcedures edited by joeb
13:41 ManagementProcedures edited by joeb
10:49 Ticket #654 (Ecosim # of imported timeseres labeled as 0) created by carieh
When importing a timeseries, the # of timeseries reads as 0 in the …
10:46 Ticket #653 (Delete Timeseries Not working) created by carieh
When in the Ecosim-> timeseries interface, import or load timeseries, then …
10:42 Ticket #652 (Timeseries weighting default=0 NOT 1) created by carieh
When importing a timeseries csv without weighting the default should be 1, …
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17:20 ConvertYearlyTimeseriesToMonthlyInExcel created by shermanl
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11:15 UsersGuide created by shermanl
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11:42 Ticket #651 (Ecosim Timeseries setting effort from another scenario) created by shermanl
The timeseries seems to be setting effort from a different timeseries in a …


18:47 Ticket #538 (unable to open model in EwE 6.0.4) closed by jeroens
18:41 Ticket #429 (Network analysis (ecosim) got FIB but no graph of NA indices.) closed by jeroens
18:37 Ticket #643 (Bug in policy search) closed by jeroens
fixed: JS 30oct09 Fixed
18:24 Ticket #2 (Only administrative access to see database) closed by jeroens
18:22 Ticket #3 (Diferences between Ecopath versions) closed by jeroens
18:17 Ticket #236 (No horizontal nor vertical scroll bar in Time Series form even though its ...) closed by jeroens
not an issue
18:06 Ticket #248 (Tabbing in Add time series form does not go in full circle) closed by jeroens
not an issue: Grid is in the way. Not an issue
18:04 Ticket #650 (still problems with non-american computers) created by martac
I have a student from Tunisia that was trying to use Ecosim v6 and load a …
18:02 Ticket #416 (Opening model to Ecospace with large map takes a looooooooooooooooong time) closed by jeroens
fixed: JS 30oct09: Removed PrefHab? initialization from Ecopath scenario load …
18:00 Ticket #649 (Ecospace has problems with big basemaps) created by martac
Hello team I'm trying to create a basemap in Ecospace of 252 * 300 cells …
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