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Run Ecopath Console Example

In this example a simple console application is examined that performs the very basic steps needed to work with the Ecopath code: loading a model, running Ecopath, and extracting a value from the Ecopath results. It is assumed that you have access to the Ecopath source code.

  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio Express and open the file [EcopathLocation?]\Ecopath6\Sources\EwETutorials\EwEConsoleAppExample\EwEConsoleAppExample.sln

  2. Run the applicaition by hitting F5 or Debug>Start Debugging in the menu. One should see the following written in the console:
     Group 'Spring phytopla' EE estimated to 0.2006739
     Press a key to exit
  1. To see the code, find the solution explorer on the right and browse to the file EwE7.vb as seen below.