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Run Ecopath Console Example

In this example a simple console application is examined that performs the very basic steps needed to work with the Ecopath code: loading a model, running Ecopath, and extracting a value from the Ecopath results. It is assumed that you have access to the Ecopath source code.

  1. Open Visual Studio/Visual? Studio Express and open the file [EcopathLocation]\Ecopath6\Sources\EwETutorials\EwEConsoleAppExample\EwEConsoleAppExample.sln
  2. Run the applicaition by hitting F5 or Debug>Start Debugging in the menu. One should see the following written in the console:
    Group 'Spring phytopla' EE estimated to 0.2006739
    Press a key to exit

  1. To see the code, find the solution explorer on the right and browse to the file EwE7.vb as seen below.