17:15 Ticket #549 (Headers for predation mortality graph do not show up in Excel) closed by jeroens
not an issue
17:14 Ticket #446 (problem in showing the graph of mixed trophic impact.) closed by jeroens
17:13 Ticket #325 (Policy Search> Gen discount rate causes extreme results) closed by jeroens
11:36 Ticket #589 (Change in Ecosim output when edits made to Ecopath input (only this ...) closed by jeroens
fixed: Solved by Joe B a few weeks ago, related to a bug reported by Cathy B. …
11:08 Ticket #660 (Remove mediation group causes error box) closed by jeroens
fixed: Fixed w issue #616
11:06 Ticket #616 (Deleting Med function with applications may cause error messages) closed by jeroens
fixed: Fixed 21 Dec 09
10:52 Ticket #664 (Cannot edit time series values) closed by jeroens
fixed: Fixed 21 dec 09
10:43 Ticket #664 (Cannot edit time series values) created by jeroens
Symptom: the time series values dialog disappears when you try to …


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07:54 Ticket #663 (ecosim plots after adding time series) created by brianl
When time series are read in, the mortality components in the ecosim plots …


17:28 Ticket #659 (Mediation numbering inconsistent when one is deleted) closed by jeroens
not an issue
17:01 Ticket #244 (Tabbing in Edit-Multi Stanza form does not go in full circle) closed by jeroens
16:59 Ticket #636 (ecosim scenarios do not keep the information in description) closed by jeroens
fixed: Was probably saved a while ago. Confirmed as fixed 30 nov 09
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