Ticket #852 (new assessed)

Opened 13 years ago

Add EwE5 'merge models' feature

Reported by: villyc Owned by: jeroens
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In EwE 5 we had a way of combining models, basically one would open a model, do a save as. Then point to another model, and ask for them to be combined. Operationally, it just needs to add the number of groups, and place the diet compositions and other information accordingly. The name of the added groups may have to be added to, e.g., by placing the first letter from the model and a space in front of the name. From Ecosim, we should import forcing functions and mediation functions. Time series can be entered again, so no need for them.
Also, the habitat areas for the groups in each model need to be modified. We need to read the area (km2) for the model description in each model, then set the habitat area:

New habitat area = old habitat area x model area / (sum of model areas)

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