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Opened 9 years ago

Possible bug(s) in the EwE6 Statistics calculations

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Priority: high Milestone: Ecopath 6: future version
Component: Ecopath Version: 6.4.3
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I started checking that my code could replicate some of the ecosystem statistics that EwE6 reports (sum of consumption, exports, total system throughput, etc). I was having some trouble doing so, and I think I've traced the issue to an inconsistency in the way certain flows are categorized as either export or flow to detritus in EwE6. For "Sum of all exports", it looks like all fisheries catches are assumed to be exported from the system. However, for "Sum of all flows to detritus", fisheries discards to detritus are included again. In total system throughput, these flows are then counted twice, being both exported and recycled back to detritus. Also under the "Export" definition, I think exports related to non-predatory mortality and egestion (i.e. non-respiratory, non-predatory fluxes out of groups with detritus fate that includes export) are ignored.

These issues might be related to ticket #1077, where ascendency and overhead are apparently off in groups with more complicated export terms.

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