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#264 closed Monte Carlo Mean value should be Read Only (not editable)
#265 closed Monte Carlo 'Data from best fitting trial' should be read only
#266 closed Monte Carlo 'Annual output' should be the default output mode
#273 closed Basic input> multistanza drop down not working
#275 closed double clicking on a multistanza group in basic input> edit multistanza errors
#276 closed Forcing function shapes> exponential not working
#277 closed EwE Network Analysis plug-in does not show up in EwE component overview (Help > About ... > More)
#279 closed Deleted fleets still in Ecosim 'Fishing rate (relative)' 'Target' dropdown combo box
#282 closed Apply Egg production thumbnails not reflecting graphs
#284 closed Ecosim output>individual plots not working
#291 closed Fisheries Landings grid explodes if you select a row
#293 closed Edit multi-stanza: Fixed fecundity
#295 closed Edit multi-stanza: stage duration
#31 closed Run Ecospace Pause And Continue functionality --Needed from core
#297 closed Default value for market price
#259 closed Ecosim Group Color graph line are all the same color
#218 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal shapes 1-3 have long-term status
#115 closed Multi-stanza groups are being assigned incorrectly
#78 closed Summary time steps interface changes
#113 closed Editing Stanza age- numbers set backwards
#63 closed Creating a new model- crashing
#89 closed Basic input- Warnings
#107 closed Input data- Basic input error
#112 closed Missing edit groups button in june 30 build
#100 closed Basic input- Unassimil/ consumption values not saving properly
#80 closed Basic input errors
#11 closed Basic Estimates not changing after input parameter change
#13 closed Plotting Mixed Trophic impacs
#12 closed Aggregatioin Routine does not work for Diet Composition
#29 closed Load Ecosim/Ecospace Scenario set to last run value
#1 closed Egg Production will always reset after running the scenario
#4 closed Include formal sensitivity analysis
#26 closed Mediation biomass percentage missing.
#20 closed Tools Options menu - some features not working
#21 closed Navigator cannot be reopened
#27 closed Ecosim Plots
#41 closed importing model already in version 6
#34 closed Input values for 'Biomass in habitat area' are not accepted for non-stanza groups
#23 closed Delete habitat throws an IndexOutOfBounds exception
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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