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Replace this file with EwE7.vb to see the complete tutorial.
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14:56 Ticket #638 (Suggestion: advection field) created by martac
I would like to suggest to include as soon as possible the advection …
14:51 Ticket #637 (Forcing functions lost in ecosim fitting to time series) created by martac
Sometimes the forcing functions do not show up in the annomaly search …
14:41 Ticket #636 (ecosim scenarios do not keep the information in description) created by martac
I was loading different ecosim scenarios and writing up some info in the …


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12:51 Ticket #635 (EwE grid paste behaviour inconsistent with Excel) created by carieh
Pasting in EwE grids is inconsistent with Excel. EwE only puts values in …


14:17 Ticket #634 (Launching app by double-clicking MDB may not load plug-ins) created by jeroens
To reproduce: - Double-click an EwE database that is not located in the …
11:42 Ticket #633 (FF applied to PP are reported as 'Search rate' applications) created by jeroens
To reproduce: - Assign a FF to primary producers. In the right hand …
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11:09 Ticket #632 (Cannot import CSV time series when file is already open in Excel) created by jeroens
To reproduce: - Open a time series CSV in Excel - Try to open this file …
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