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Opened 8 years ago

Standardization of the number of decimal places assumed by the software

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Priority: high Milestone: Ecopath 6: future version
Component: Code Version: 6.5 beta
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I downloaded Ecosim SS of each group via the new plug called Results extractor and noticed that in some cases, the SS shown in Ecosim plot assumes different decimal places (e.g.: for the single species group Beryx decadactylus, the value shown directly in Ecosim plot is 2,63 while the Ecosim extractor says the real value is 2,643238306. At the same time, for the group Mora moro, Ecosim plot shows an SS value of 0,0555 and the Ecosim extractor says it is 0,055480808. I know it seems insignificant but this incongruity might be a reason behind the fact we are not being able to exactly achieve the total Ecosim SS estimate manually.

Additionally, in Ecospace, when I input the 1200 values that will define a group environmental response, the decimal places assumed by the program are not constant in every point. Also, in the foraging area response form - for instances, if I fill the X min with the value 0,1432 it changes the value to 0,143199995160103. A bit weird, no?

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