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Creating / editing multistanza groups- errors

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Ok I know this is a long one but I think it is all related.
This is all from the model Lab 4, and screenshots are in the document July 1 notes.doc on my ftp folder.
I created a multistanza cod group and i get a lot of errors when I try to save the basic input screen- maybe this is because of multistanza groups, but the error message I get is: (I get this 8 times- see sheet- bug 116).

After I ignore/continue the errors, the multistanza groups are in the wrong location.

If I try to edit multi-stanza groups, I get an error message, but then it takes me to the correct window- with the recruitment curve etc. (so not a crutial error message)

Please have a look at the document on my ftp folder, all the screen images are there and hopefully the warnings will help to figure out what is not working properly.

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by jeroens

Carie, please re-test in v.

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by carieh

So this is better, but not fixed. When creating groups in the basic input, it works best for the moment being if you create all of your groups, close the basic input screen, re-open the basic input screen, and then assign which ones you want to be multistanza before editing data in the multistanza interface. If you try to create groups, and label them as multistanza before closing the basic input interface, I get the same errors as before: where in lab 4 aug 16, groups 2,3,4 should be multistanza, if you do it all in one go you end up with groups 7,8,9 as multistanza instead. I am not sure why you have to close the interface before labeling which groups are multistanza, but it seems to work fine this way.

comment:3 Changed 17 years ago by jeroens

I found 2 mistakes in the code. I am no longer able to make this fail, please re-test after build

comment:4 Changed 17 years ago by carieh

I was playing with the lab 4 model (at the moment I cannot create a model) but I added 4 new groups to this existing model, and assigned them as mutlistanza, and they came back to the basic input in a bizarre order. instead of having 2 clear m-s groups, they were scattered amongst the 2 group names with some groups showing up as individual groups. I have tried closing out screens (and models) but these are still not showing up correctly

comment:5 Changed 17 years ago by jeroens

Let's keep this issue unsolved until you can show me how to duplicate it, ok? I understood that you are not able to replicate this issue as well. On hold for now!

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