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Ecosim- Load scenario- (scenario will not load)

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Ok so it took me a while to find the button to create a new scenario- I am not sure why it has a different screen than load scenario??

Anyways in a created model I cannot create a new scenario- I get the screen, but the create button does not work (I think it is disconnected- if thats possible)

If I try to click on the Ecosim estimates- i get the load scenario screen, which is different from the create scenario screen. This screen has nothing in it to create a scenario. Total dead-end for me
That's me stuck at the door to Ecosim :-)

When I tried to import the scenario for the tampa bay model (flabay nut better seagrass etc. ), I get a warning screen. cannot load invalid shapetype stanza for shape Id 1 then 2....52 (one error for each group?)
then another error (for good luck)
I cannot get to Ecosim with this model either. . ..

Also I cannot create a new scenario in this model, so I think they have the same issues.

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by jeroens

Ok, cofusion here.

The create/load/save scenario dialogs are one and the same interface offering different functionality. The idea is supposed to be:

  1. You can only create a scenario when you select 'New Scenario...' from the menu
  2. You can only load a scenario when you select 'Load Scenario...' from the menu
  3. Menu 'Save Scenario' has no interface; it saves the current scenario under its current name
  4. You can only save a scenario under a different name if you select 'Save scenario As...' from the menu

Additionally, Create and Save As also allow you to rename or delete existing scenarios. The load interface does not support this behaviour, for the simple reason that such changes require ecopath to save.

The create scenario button was indeed disconnected by mistake. It is fixed now.

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