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#43 fixed Ecosim loading scenario administrator carieh

I am working off an imported model (lab 1 fish 501) and it is already balanced, before I import. when I try to load an ecosim scenario I get the error in the status tab that it failed to load because it failed to read the database. In this case there are 2 options for scenarios that were previously built into the model, but this causes Ecosim not to work. When I tried to add a new scenario- this also failed (same errors)

Creating new scenario's does not work

#44 fixed GUI crashes when loading a second model with a larger number of groups administrator joeb

If the user loads a model with a small number of groups eg. MSY Baltic and runs Ecosim. Then loads a model with a larger number of groups eg. MSY Geogia Strait and runs Ecosim the Interface with throw an unhandled array out of bounds error in RunEcosim?.drawseries1(). It can also throw other errors for other routines.

It appears that the interface is not redimensioning its data in responce to a model load once it has been loaded.

#45 fixed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogues can ask multiple times to load a scenario administrator joeb

This can get pretty confusing but basically. Turn off the Save window layout option open a model and go straight to Run ecopsace you will be asked for an Ecosim and Ecospace scenario at least twice. Click around in the interface once you have the Run ecospace interface up you may be asked to reload the scenarios. This also happens when the Save window layout option is on but it seem even more confusing then because things are loading in the background and you dont know why you are being asked to load a scenario.

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