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    1010 * '''Use regulatory controls:''' evaluate the regulatory rules. 
    1111   * '''Use input effort controls (linear programming solution):''' uses a linear programing algorithm to find a fishing effort that meets the fishing mortality constraints and is optimized for the total value of the catch. When this control option is selected you can set the upper and lower fishing effort bounds for each fleet. 
    12   ''MSE LP controls form.[[BR]]''[[Image(MSE_LP_Controls.jpg)]] 
     12   ''MSE LP controls form.[[BR]]''[[Image(MSE_LP_Controls.jpg)]] 
    1313 * ''''Use output (quota) controls:'''' fishing effort is set at the level required to meet fishing mortality or quota set via the regulatory rules i.e. Target fishing mortality, Fixed F, Escapement or TAC. When this option is selected you can set the maximum fishing effort and quota control implementation methods. 
    1414  ''MSE Ouput quota controls form.[[BR]]''[[Image(MSE_Quota_Controls.jpg)]] 
    2020  * '''Highest value stock quota:''' effort is regulated if landings on the highest value stock exceed the quota. Catches that exceed the quota on a stock are discarded. 
    2121  * '''Selective fishing quota:''' Effort is regulated if landings on the strongest stock exceed the quota. 
    2322 * '''No regulatory controls (evaluate the current Ecosim scenario):'''Ecosim is run using effort from the current scenario. No attempt is made to regulate the fishing effort. This option is used to evaluate the current Ecosim scenario. 
    2423''MSE no regulatory controls form.[[BR]]''[[Image(MSE_No_Reg.jpg)]]