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    2424== How to run == 
    25   Installing MSE Batch Plugin [[BR]]Warning: The version of MSE Batch Plugin, provided in the [wiki:Attachments attachments] at the bottom of this page, will only run with the EwE6 setup program 
     25  ==== Installing MSE Batch Plugin  ==== 
     26Warning: The version of MSE Batch Plugin 6.1.0923, provided in the attachments at the bottom of this page, will only run with the EwE6 setup program 
    2627  || [ EwE6.1.0.0924_setup.exe][[BR]] || 
     28 1. Download and install EwE6 ver 
     29 1. Unzip the contents of [ MSEBatch Plugin Ver] into the same directory as EwE6.exe, the default location is "C:\Program Files\Ecopath with Ecosim 6\". 
     30 1. Open a model in EwE6 the MSE Batch plugin interface will be accessible from the Navigator tree under "Tools>Management procedures (MSE)>Output>MSE Batch" 
    2833  [[Image(wiki:MSEBatch:interface.png)]][[BR]]''MSE Batch plugin interface.[[BR]][[BR]]'' The MSE Batch plugin interface provides a way to select command files and begin a batch run. [[BR]][[BR]]Select the command file using the 'Select command file..." button. Once a file has been selected it will be parsed to see if it can be run with the currently loaded EwE model and Ecosim scenario. If any errors are found in the file then an ERROR: message will shown in the output window. All errors must be fixed before the command file can run. In the case of a WARNING: message you can still run the command file however, you should address any issues that have warnings.[[BR]][[BR]]Once the Run has been started, by clicking the "Run" button, the output window will contain progress messages with the number of run completed out of the total.  A run can be stopped by clicking the "Stop run" button. The batch process will wait for the current MSE run to complete before exiting.