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Creating PDF documentation of Wiki Pages

This page describes how to create PDFs from Ecopath Users Guide Wiki pages. The WikiPrint plugin is customized specifically for Ecopath Users Guide. You will have to be an administrator inorder to do this task.

  1. Go to Admin -> WikiPrint -> MakeBook.
  2. Add Ecopath 6 User Guide in Book Properties -> Title
  3. Select Output Format as PDF article
  4. In the UsersGuide page, select edit and Copy the content between the parenthesis in TOC.
  5. Paste the content in a text editor and remove the white-spaces
  6. Recopy the content without the white-spaces and paste the content in the textbox above Create
  7. Click Create

This process should take 5-10 minutes, so have your coffee and it should be done when you get back.