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Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Basic Express 2010 are the development environments that we use to program EwE. Either one is required if you want to compile the source code of EwE. Visual Basic Express 2010 is available for download for free from the Microsoft website (see link below). Visual Studio 2010 is not free, and enables you to have more functionality such as Class Diagrams and Nested Project folders, which are features that are not crucial for developing EwE.

  1. Download Visual Basic Express 2010 from the Microsoft website.
  2. Start the installer.
  3. For installation options: MSDN Express Edition is recommended but not nessary, and SQL Server is not required.
  4. The installation program will now download the required files. (Internet is required).
  5. You do not need the installer to search for updates at this time. Windows update will bug you later if needed.
  6. Register Visual Basic Express at your discretion.

Now your system is ready to load, modify, compile, execute and debug the EwE6 source code.