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6.5 Model description


Use this form to store information on the model's author and contact details.

The form will also keep track the name of the model, date of any changes made to the model and the location of the database.

General options

Set the number of decimal digits shown in the model under General options. Relevant decimal digits are defined as digits that occur after the first non-zero decimal place. For example, if the number of relevant decimal digits is set to three, 0.3654 would be displayed as 0.365 and 0.0003654 would be displayed as 0.000365. Note that this is for display only and no rounding actually occurs in the running of the model. Double-clicking a number in a cell to edit it shows all the decimal places used in the calculations.

NOTE: For values calculated by the model (displayed in shaded cells, e.g., the Sum of the prey proportions in the Diet composition) the number you set in this box will be used to set number of decimal places.