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5.1 How to obtain the Ecopath with Ecosim 6 software

The setup programme for Ecopath with Ecosim 6 (EwE6) can be downloaded from http://www.ecopath.org/. Simply download the set up file and follow the prompts. Alternatively (write, fax or email us (through the user support section of www.ecopath.org) and we will send you a CD with the setup software). We strongly encourage all users to register with us (with email address) so that we can keep you informed of new releases, bugs, etc.

So far more than 200 Ecopath models have been published. References to many of these are included in this guide. We are collecting manuscripts and publications with includes Ecopath applications, and would appreciate being notified (or even better to receive copies) of such work. Published Ecopath models can be downloaded from http://www.ecopath.org/.