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10 Using Ecospace. Part 1: Ecospace inputs

Ecospace (Walters et al. 1999) is a dynamic, spatial version of Ecopath, incorporating all the key elements of Ecosim. This chapter describes the steps taken to set up Ecospace scenarios (the Ecospace menu?, Ecospace parameters?, Define Ecospace habitats?, Basemap?, Assign habitats?, Dispersal?, Ecospace fishery?).

Important note: Before using Ecospace you must have a balanced Ecopath model. It is also recommended you have fit the model to time series data by adjusting the Vulnerability? settings (see Time series?, Time series fitting in Ecosim?, Hints for fitting Ecosim models to time series data? and Fit to time series?).

See links in Chapter 4 in the Ecopath Users Guide for more detailed introduction of Ecospace.