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9 Using Ecosim. Part 2: Ecosim outputs

Once you have set up your Ecosim scenario(s) using the Ecosim input forms, you can test your model’s predictions using Ecosim. This chapter describes the forms used to run Ecosim (Run Ecosim?, Ecosim plots?, Ecosim results? and Stock-Recruitment plot?Monte Carlo runs.htm#_Monte_Carlo_runs?), as well as important Ecosim tools: Monte Carlo runs?, Fishing policy search? and Fit to time series?.

An Ecosim exercise to help you test your model is also included.

Before using Ecosim, we recommend you read the introductory material on Ecosim, found in Chapter 3 of the User Guide). You should also be familiar with the published literature on Ecosim, particularly Walters et al. 1997 and Walters et al. 2004).