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6.1 Getting started in Ecopath: The Ecopath menu

The Ecopath menu provides quick access to the forms you need to define the basic structure of your model. These are the Edit groups, Edit multi-stanza groups and Edit fleets forms. The EwE Network analysis plugin? can also be accessed through the Ecopath menu.

[[Image(...)]] Edit groups…

The first task in building an Ecopath model is to define the model’s functional groups (called Groups or sometimes Boxes). Groups are species or collections of species that share similar population dynamics and ecological function. See Defining the system? for more on how to define groups. Adding groups is done through the Edit groups? form.

To open the Edit groups form, choose the Edit groups... option on the Ecopath menu.

../Resources/Images/EditMultiStanza?.pngEdit multi-stanza groups…

Multi-stanza groups are groups in which two or more life-stages are represented (e.g., juveniles and adults). Multi-stanza groups are defined using the Edit groups form but further parameters must be entered using the Edit multi-stanza groups? form. To open this form, choose the Edit multi-stanza groups... option.

../Resources/Images/EditFleets?.pngEdit fleets…

To add fishing fleets, delete, name and sort the fleets in your model, choose the Edit fleets... option. This will open the Edit fleets? form.

EwE Network Analysis plugin

Ecopath enables you to perform a number of analyses based on the network analysis theory of Ulanowicz (1986). These forms are accessible by selecting EwE Network Analysis Plugin?. Note that the EwE Network Analysis plugin can also be accessed from the Navigator window (Parameterization (Ecopath) > Tools > EwE Network Analysis Plugin).

Note: to be able to access the EwE Network Analysis Plugin, it must have been installed with EwE6. If you cannot access the EwE Network Analysis Plugin, you may need to re-install the software (see How to obtain the Ecopath with Ecosim 6 software?). During the setup process, you will be prompted to check a box to install the EwE Network Analysis Plugin.