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    11= Become a Beta Tester = 
    2 Ecopath with Ecosim 6 is looking for beta testers to help refine EwE6. Some of the benefits are: 
    3  * finding the latest features and functionality in EwE6; 
    4  * ensuring features continue to work throughout your development; 
    5  * work closely with the development team to incorporate features you may require. 
     2We are always looking for beta testers to help refine the EwE6 software prior to new releases. Some of the benefits are: 
     3 * help making sure that EwE works as it should; 
     4 * access the latest features and functionality in EwE6 prior to a new release; 
     5 * become more closely involved with the development team; 
     6 * make sure that features work for your purposes. 
    7 We will send out announcements before any major releases. All we ask in return is to use the software during these announcements. To join please send an email to (ewedevteam at gmail dot com) with the subject "Be an Ecopath Beta tester" the  
    8  1. number of years experience 
    9  2. how often does one use the software  
    10  3. major features used (Ecopath, Ecosim, Ecospace, Fit to timeseries, Mediation etc.) 
     8Under the Ecopath Research and Development Consortium we are planning to release new versions of EwE once or twice per year. Four weeks before a planned release date we will halt all EwE development and will issue a release candidate of EwE for Beta-testing. During this period, our beta-testers will be asked to use the release candidate for day-to-day activities and to immediately report any issues back to the development team. The development team will be on stand-by for four weeks to address these reports, in order to release a bast possible version of EwE at the end of the beta period. 
     10If you are interested in beta-testing the software please send us an [ email] and we will let you know when a beta is ready for you. 
    1211Thank you very much for your time and corporation. 
    14 Regards,[[BR]] 
    1514EwE Development team