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#32 open AddEcospaceHabitat method Return iNewPos is zero indexed..Should be one indexed.?? administrator user8

For consistency, I think it should be one indexed..Like the way core uses one based index method while returning EcospaceHabitats?.. The core did the offset by 1 in its module..

So I think while this database method returns iNewPos, it should be offset by 1 before giving that value to UI? Make sense?

Jeroen, could you also check AddEcospaceMPA, and AddEcospaceRegion?? seems these two already offset by 1..from UI behavior..

#33 duplicate EditStanza Error in Editing Values (when edit) administrator shermanl

When you double click an exisiting writeable cell, a Invalid Value Exception shows up. -> Open Exisiting database with Stanza values -> Open Stanza dlg -> Double click on leading biomass value (odd coz it works if you change cell value by typing keys) -> Get Invalid value Exception

#35 fixed EditStanza Calculate button creates more legend lines administrator shermanl

When you open the dialog, Clicking on calculate will generate more legend values.

One fix for this is to delete old Zedgraph lines.

Bug is related to (bug2) under

  • Load DB with Multistanza
  • Double click on Stanza Biomass to get Edit Stanza interface
  • Click on Calculate btn.

0> you'll see more legends drawn.

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