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#751 not an issue ecosim group plots only shows forced catches sheilah

We have both forced catch and F series in our model and it only shows the forced catch in the ecosim group plots. [Ecosim plots] shows the forced catch values on the lower left panel, but not the catch for the years where no forced catch was used

#758 not an issue FlowDiagram EwE5 plugin: Load existing diagram (yes/no) will always load new diagram jeroens shermanl

Jacques.Moreau@… reported:

Loading flowdiagram, a dialogue prompts: "”flow diagram already exist, would you like to load it" Whenever you answer yes or no, the software start a new diagram.

#769 not an issue Cannot apply mediation and FF to same group jeroens carieh

Any model will work for this- If you apply a mediation function to a group and then try to apply a Forcing Function, the mediation function will un-apply (no longer be applied). This also works the other way- it seems like you cannot have both applied ot the same group. I am not sure if this is correct (ecologically/ modeling) or just a bug. Villy did not seem to know if it was meant to be this way. Might want to ask Carl.

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