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#663 not an issue ecosim plots after adding time series brianl brianl

When time series are read in, the mortality components in the ecosim plots section change.

For example, when using the Georgia Strait model with the all fit scenario, look at the ecosim plot for lingcod. Total mortality is listed as 0.39 for the first year (same as for basic input). Now load the time series Georgia. Go back to ecosim plots and look at lingcod. Total mortality is now 0.536. What happened?

#708 not an issue Old code: should users be able to load models from the start page? shermanl jeroens

When browsing to models in the start page users should be able to click these models, which are then immediately loaded into EwE6. Or is this major feature creep?

Old code is in place in the EwE6 web browser to do this. I just want to either take the code out, or activate it properly.

#709 not an issue operation in code brianl

In EwECore -> EcoSim? -> Model -> cEcoSimModel -> SetTimeSteps?(), Hden is assinged a value of CmCo/?(CmCo?+1) for all groups. Under InitialState? however, Hden is assigned a value of CmCo/?(CmCo?-1). It isn't apparent to me why it would be both, so which is it?

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