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#9 fixed Diet Composition Table Values (Displays 0 values and limited to 1) administrator shermanl
  • Diet comp table displays 0.00 values when it should be blank. Not sure if it should be null or zero
  • Should not limit input value to 1 since users might want to input the table by grams and use sum to 1 feature
#10 fixed Tab pages goes back to start page when you peg a panel administrator shermanl

When ever you peg a panel, the tabbed pages moves back to the start page. it should stay the same.

This bug resides in third-party component that EwE6 uses. This component, Weifen Luo's docking panels, implements docking logic for forms within the main application window.

The latest version at the time of writing, v.2.1 (may 30, 2007) no longer contains this bug. The new version of the component is included in the EwE6 project.

Additionally, we now have access to the sources of this component, whoohoo!

#17 fixed Overwrites database name when importing a database administrator shermanl

When you import a database, and select a model. The output file name will default to overwrite file any existing file name. This should be corrected.


  • Have previous default EwE6 database open. (has to be imported from EwE5)
  • Open Ewe5 database again, and select model
  • By default, it will overwrite existing file name without prompting.

Solution: Ask for simple prompt if you want to overwrite database.

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