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#56 fixed Definition of fleets default values administrator carieh

after I have added in fleets then when I click on this tab- I get different default values than version 5. In version 6 I get:different effort, different costs, and different sailing effort than version 5. They all add up to 100% but instead of fishing related effort for both groups being at 40% as in version 5 (I get 0% and 100% in For sailing related costs version 6 gives me 1.0% and 0%, instead of the default in 5 of 40% Profit in version 6 gives me 99% and 0% rather than 20% default in version 5.

When I tested this with a different model scenario (2A) I added in one fleet ,and the default version gives for definitions of fleets is 100% effort related costs, 0% sailing related costs, and 0% Profit while version 5 gives 40% effort related cost, 40% sailing related costs, and 20% profit This is a continuation of the same problem, but the percentages change depending on how many fleets you have in the model

Then I tried adding in 10 fleets- just to see what the default definition was and all but fleet #9 (out of 10) had 99% profit. so probaby just a fault with the default values.

Numbering of the fleets is not correct. When I added fleets I numbered 1-10 (ex fleet 1, fleet 2,...) when I get to the definition of fleets tab I have 2 number 9's and no number 1. . . . . Also when inputing the fleet numbers I keep losing the ones I just entered. I am not sure what I did, but I would type in a name, and then click enter and it would disappear. Finally I just inserted 10 of them and then entered names, this seemed to work fine. Maybe just me and my typing? I dont know what I did.

Lovely! Fixed.

#57 fixed Fleet size dynamics administrator carieh

Model 2A where I entered in 10 fishing fleets (and only defined one of them (now named fleet 9)) under the fleet size dynamics tab I get the same default parameters for each fleet as in version 5, with the exception that there are no default values for fleet 9, the only one with landings asinged to it this far.

So I added landings to another fleet (8), and this did NOT change the deafult values of fleet size dynamics for fleet 8 although fleet 9 was still missing values altogether (i.e. there were not zero's, but rather no numbers at all)

One generic small issue in the Add Fleet database interface caused all the headaches... :(

#58 fixed deleting fleets- doesnt really delete anything administrator carieh

So it Appears I CAN delete fleets- the buttons in the edit fleets (under definition of fleets) are working, although I deleted 8 of my fleets- just for fun, and I get a warning message every time. If possible could it just be one box with all the warnings in it? (just a suggestion- maybe you have good reason for making me click yes 8 times) BUT then I get a warning box (the one with the big red X in the upper left corner) that says the index was out of range must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection, so I click continue, and then I have to go through the 8 dialouge boxes again confirming that I really do want to delete the fleets. . . . this happens a few more times, and finally it looks like I am actually going to delete my fleets when the edit fleets box finally closes with no more warnings, and then.... all my fleets are still there :-) How do I get rid of them???

Combine fleet delete warnings into one message: No, it's better to be explicitly alerted for each irrevokable action. Mass-delete will not happen often (hopefully) anyway. Not worth the time and effort to do this, IMHO.

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