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#359 not an issue Run Ecosim: Autoscale not working robynf robynf

The new Autoscale button doesn't have any effect after the Y axis has been manually set. E.g. if I set the upper Y value to 25 and run the model it changes.But will not change back if I press Autoscale

#367 not an issue Ecospace parameters - can't change end time on Summary joeb robynf

Ecospace parameters - I can't change end time on Summary. It keeps jumping back to 50, even though I have changed the Total run time to 5 years.

On the Results form (Run Ecospace) it also says 50 years, even though the model only ran for 5 years.

QUESTION: What is the Summary length (timesteps) under Sumamry? I can't see how it would be different from the Number of timesteps set for the whole simulation. Can the model run under two different sets of timesteps?

#440 not an issue Ecospace -> Ecospace Parameters - Default model Value should be EwE6 multistanza administrator shermanl

As per carl! :P


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