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#43 fixed Ecosim loading scenario administrator carieh

I am working off an imported model (lab 1 fish 501) and it is already balanced, before I import. when I try to load an ecosim scenario I get the error in the status tab that it failed to load because it failed to read the database. In this case there are 2 options for scenarios that were previously built into the model, but this causes Ecosim not to work. When I tried to add a new scenario- this also failed (same errors)

Creating new scenario's does not work

#55 open Ecopath fishery tabs default values are different than version 5 administrator carieh

After I had added in 2 fisheries to the model (Carie test lab 1 may 21), I added in the fleets and then went to the market pricetab. In version 5 the default is for every group (including detritus) to have a value of 1. This is not the case in version, The default fishing fleet which I renamed, was set to 1 as defaults (except detritus), but the second group I added had values of 0 for all defaults. I think this is something you might want to double check on. shoud detritus have a default market price of 1?

When I added in more fleets into version 5 (even without assigning catch values) the market prices of all fleets were 0- with the exception of the fleet that had catches assigned to it, then the prices were set to 1. In version 5 all fleets have a market price of 1 even if they do not have catches assigned to them- just a discrepency in the default values.

Indeed, just defaults in the database. Fixed.

#56 fixed Definition of fleets default values administrator carieh

after I have added in fleets then when I click on this tab- I get different default values than version 5. In version 6 I get:different effort, different costs, and different sailing effort than version 5. They all add up to 100% but instead of fishing related effort for both groups being at 40% as in version 5 (I get 0% and 100% in For sailing related costs version 6 gives me 1.0% and 0%, instead of the default in 5 of 40% Profit in version 6 gives me 99% and 0% rather than 20% default in version 5.

When I tested this with a different model scenario (2A) I added in one fleet ,and the default version gives for definitions of fleets is 100% effort related costs, 0% sailing related costs, and 0% Profit while version 5 gives 40% effort related cost, 40% sailing related costs, and 20% profit This is a continuation of the same problem, but the percentages change depending on how many fleets you have in the model

Then I tried adding in 10 fleets- just to see what the default definition was and all but fleet #9 (out of 10) had 99% profit. so probaby just a fault with the default values.

Numbering of the fleets is not correct. When I added fleets I numbered 1-10 (ex fleet 1, fleet 2,...) when I get to the definition of fleets tab I have 2 number 9's and no number 1. . . . . Also when inputing the fleet numbers I keep losing the ones I just entered. I am not sure what I did, but I would type in a name, and then click enter and it would disappear. Finally I just inserted 10 of them and then entered names, this seemed to work fine. Maybe just me and my typing? I dont know what I did.

Lovely! Fixed.

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