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#237 not an issue There is no interface available to set/change the name of a model jeroens jeroens

New Model / Save As interfaces only provide an option to select a file name, not a model name. This needs to change.

#243 not an issue Time series long term vs seasonal tab not updating properly administrator carieh

When changing dataset form long-term to seasonal- I lose the graph completely- the shape type tab at the top does not automatically update: if I change a graph to seasonal, and then click on another thumbnail to look at another graph, the shape type still reads season, when in fact the graph is long term and the axis are in years. (Georgia Straight model)

On another note (or this interface) If I change one of the graphs from long term to seasonal, all of the dots (values) disappear, however when I go back to long term, they reappear again. I am not sure if this is what is intended.

#245 not an issue In the Edit Multi-Stanza form one can delete data in the read-only cell jeroens joeh

select a cell in the Age column, press keyboard Delete button and move focus to other control, then you see the selected cell becomes empty

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