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#1363 fixed Some EwE grids do not display correctly when Stanza Life Stages are not consecutive groups jeroens Adam J Schlenger

I've created an ecopath model with 39 groups. All the groups appear properly on the basic input menu, diet composition, detritus, other production, landings, and so on, but only groups 1-20 are shown in the discards, off-vessel price, and growth input menus. I cannot figure out why EwE is removing some of the groups on these menus. I've asked several people, but to no avail and I cannot move on with my research without fixing the problem. Therefore I was wondering if you might be able to figure out what's going on

#1352 fixed Yearly forcing function importing jeroens Diego

Hello, I m having a problem when importing a 18 year time series csv file containing reference biomass data, fishing effort and annual forcing function series in Ecosim.

Reference and fishing effort series are correctly loaded, that is a value per year; but the forcing function series are loaded “compressed”, no expansion to the monthly values is made and then the 18 yearly data is taken as a monthly value for the first 18 months of the series.

I remember some previous Ecosim version that had a tick to specify yearly forcing functions, there is same equivalent in this new version?

#1355 fixed Excluding cells EwEDevTeam

In previous releases of EwE, Ecospace cells could only be excluded from ecosystem dynamics by turning these cells to land. This can yield maps with unfamiliar coastlines.

We have decided to add an exclusion layer, where non-land cells to be excluded from ecosystem dynamics without having to change the bathymetry. This layer comes with a few features:

  • Including or excluding cells does NOT destroy the content of other layers for these cells. The original layer data is preserved
  • Maps are easier to recognize
  • Users can opt to always show excluded cells for ease of model configuration, or to make Ecospace maps simply not render excluded cells yielding prettier maps
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