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Compiling the EwE source code

After installing the development environment, do the following to load the sources into Visual Studio:

  1. Launch your development environment (Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express)
  2. Select File > Open project / solution (or similar, the wording may vary with different versions of Visual Studio)
  3. Browse to (EwE sources)\Sources, where (EwE sources) indicates the folder that you used to receive the EwE source code from Subversion
  4. Now open one of the two EwE6 solution files, depending on the version of Visual Studio that you use

The EwE sources should now be loaded without any complains. Once the sources are loaded, you will need to make three changes to Visual Studio to ascertain a proper working environment:

  1. In the Visual Studio settings, make sure you always see Solutions via Tools\Options\Projects and Solutions\Always Show Solution. Visual Studio has the interesting but slightly impractical default setting of hiding solutions.
  2. Open the Solution Explorer panel, which by default is shown on the right hand side of the Visual Studio work space. If you do not see it, the View menu contains options to show this panel. In the Solution Explorer panel, expand the folder ScientificInterface, right-click the project ScientificInterface' and select Set As Startup Project. This ensures that the EwE application correctly launches.
  3. Lastly, make sure the EwE project is compiled for 32-bit machines. To do this, right-click the main solution again, select Properties, and in Configuration Properties switch the Platform to x86

You can now compile and run EwE6.