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Errors on Dao.DBengine

If the core fails to compile on Dao.DBengine, your system does not have the Microsoft Office 2007 interoperabilty assemblies installed that are needed to compact ACCDB databases. These assemblies are installed with Microsoft Office. You can:


BadImageFormatException was unhandled

This exception indicates a corrupted build environment. Perform the following:

InvalidOperationException was unhandled

A possible cause for this exception is a 64-bit incompatibility problem with the .NET and the Microsoft Access drivers. To overcome this problem, EwE6 must be compiled for 32 bit processors. Do the following:

SVN Issues

MKactivity 403 forbidden - If you get this error, you'll have to ensure the SVN root is ok. To fix this, Select SVN>Relocate and ensure the case sensitivity is accurate for the SVN URL.