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MSE Batch plugin user notes

10 Sept, 2010


The MSE Batch plugin allows you to run the MSE module in batch mode from a command file. The command file runs the MSE module changing input parameters for each iteration and outputting data file.

MSE parameters in the command file

  1. Number of MSE simulations
  2. End Year
  3. Assessment and Implementation error
  4. Primary Production forcing functions
  5. Primary Production forcing function variation
  6. Fleet Control types
  7. Harvest rules
    1. Fishing Mortality
    2. Total Allowable Catch
    3. Target Fishing Mortality (hockey stick parameters)
  8. Ouput data

Command file format

The command file is a CSV (coma separated values) file that contains tags. A tag is a predefined string of text that appears at the start of the line and is used to identify the line as valid input for the MSE module. After the data part of the tag there must be a least one empty entry to mark the end of the valid data. All data that appears after the empty entry will be ignored. For example {{{

Control_File_Version,1.0,ignored comments, }}}

Lines in the command file that do not contain a recognized tag will be ignored. A command file can any number of lines that are not valid inputs as long as they don't start with a valid tag, these could include comments and user notes. The order that tags appear in the file is not important.


  • Control_File_Version
  • {{{

Control_File_Version,1, }}}

  • Version number of the file 1.0 for the first version