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     1== 5.3 Installing and running Ecopath with Ecosim == 
     3Installation is done via a customized third-party setup program. Simply click on the link to the setup programme on the Ecopath website (http://www.ecopath.org/) and choose ''Run''. Some browsers will give a warning that the software is from an unknown publisher, click ''Run'' if you get this warning. Then follow the prompts to for installing the software. 
     5If you wish to use the Network Analysis functions, make sure the ''Network Analysis plug in'' box is checked when prompted. Click'' Install'' then ''Finish'' to complete installation. An icon for running the software will be placed on your desktop. Otherwise, navigate to the directory in which the model was saved (default: C:\Program Files\Ecopath with Ecosim 6) and run the programme (EwE6.exe) from there. 
     7Some test data sets are included for the initial testing of the software. You can open these from the ''File menu''. 
     9Currently EwE6 will only run on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista platforms. Other version of Windows have not be tested and we cannot ensure support. EwE6 will not run directly on systems running OS X (Mac) but will run on virtual Windows platforms on these computers. 
     11If you have any other problems with installation, please contact us through the user support section of www.ecopath.org.