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     1== 6.4 Edit fleets == 
     2To define the fishing fleets in your model, choose the ''Edit fleets''... option on the ''Ecopath menu''. This will open a form where you can add, delete, name and sort the fleets in your model (see below). To close the ''Edit fleets'' form and implement changes, click the ''OK'' button. To exit without implementing any changes, click the ''Cancel'' button. 
     4After adding fleets on the ''Edit fleets'' form, you can proceed to the ''Input data'' forms to enter parameters for your fleets (see [[Definition of fleets.htm|Definition of fleets]], [[Landings.htm|Landings]], [[Discards.htm|Discards]], [[Discard fate.htm|Discard fate]], [[Market price.htm|Market price]], [[Non market price.htm|Non-market price]] and [[Fleet size dynamics.htm|Fleet size dynamics]]). 
     6'''Add/insert fleets''' 
     8Add fleets using the ''Insert ''button. In a brand new model, there is one default fleet ("Fleet1") and new fleets will be inserted above this fleet. In an existing model, select the row where you would like a new fleet inserted and click ''Insert''. A new fleet will be added above the selected row. If no row is selected, new fleets will be added above the first row. Note that when you add a new fleet, its status in the ''Status'' column will be given as “To create”. Clicking the ''OK'' button closes the ''Edit fleets'' form and implements the group insertion. 
     10'''Fleet name''' 
     12New fleets are given the default name “New Fleet”. Edit fleet names by clicking once in the appropriate'' Fleet name'' cell. The box will be highlighted and you can start typing. To edit an existing fleet name, double click on the name and the name will be highlighted. You can then use your mouse to select the part of the name to be edited. 
     14'''Sort fleets''' 
     16You can change the order of fleets in the model using the ''Up'' and ''Down'' buttons. Clicking the ''OK'' button closes the ''Edit fleets'' form and implements the new fleet numbers. 
     18'''Delete fleets''' 
     20Fleets can be deleted from the model using the ''Delete'' button. Models selected for deletion will be marked “To delete” in the ''Status ''column. Clicking the ''OK'' button closes the ''Edit fleets'' form and implements the fleet deletion. 
     22__Note__: if you change your mind about deleting the fleet before you close the form, click ''Preserve'' and the status will be returned to normal. 
     24WARNING: Fleet deletion cannot be undone. When you click the OK button, you will receive a warning message for each fleet to be deleted. Click Yes to continue with fleet deletion or No if you do not wish to delete the fleet. The ''Edit fleets'' form will close.