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Downloading the Source from SVN

This article describes how one would download the sources.

Please write us at ewedevteam@? to request permission to use the source code, stating who, why and how you would use the sources in-order to download the sources. From there, we will give you access to our SVN server.

Please note that per September 2016 the EwE source code has moved to a secure server. All SVN URLS have changed to ?https://. If you have TortoiseSVN installed and want to switch your existing copies of the EwE code to the new server address just do the following:

  1. Ensure you have been granted access to the SVN server via ewedevteam@?.
  2. Install ?TortoiseSVN.
  3. Create a folder [your path]/Ecopath_dev/Ecopath6.
  4. Right click on the Ecopath6 folder and select SVN Checkout.

  1. Enter the URL of Repository below and ensure the location of the folder to [your path]/Ecopath_dev/Ecopath6:

Ecopath6: ?
Click OK and enter your username and password

  1. Repeat steps 2 - 4 to with Ecopath5 to download the sources for Ecopath5.

Ecopath5: ?

There are several alternatives available to TortoiseSVN, such as ?RapidSVN.

We use ?AnkhSVN to integrate SVN functionality directly into Visual Studio. Note that AnkhSVN only works with the full versions of Visual Studio; express versions do not support the use of development environment plug-ins and add-ins.