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Beta announcement

We have created a simple manner for users to experience the latest functionality and help ensure the robustness of EwE6. Please test this version by August 20, 2009.

(1) Back-up your database

Simply zip-up or move your database away from c:\Program Files\Ecopath with Ecosim 6\Database. Do what you need to do so we won't destroy your life work.

(2) Download EwE6 beta

Download EwE6 beta here ( Might I remind you, it's a beta.

(3) File a report

File a report for any "features", bugs, "handy ideas", "not so fun", "can do better" or anything else creative in the following manner. Did we mention August 20, 2009? Just double checking.

  1. Send an email to Sherman Lai with a detailed description and the version number.
  2. Click Report a bug in the EwE 6.
  3. Log a bug with Mantis Bug Tracker. If you don't have a login, leave Sherman a note.

Regards, EwE Development team

First Reply Email

Dear Beta testers,

Thank you for expressing interest to become a EwE6 beta-tester! Any of your input will greatly improve the reliability, stability and usability of EwE6. As beta testers, you are assumed to be a knowledgeable user to test scientific correctness. Occasionally, you will be asked on voluntary basis to testing parts of the application that you are familiar with. Once this version is confirmed stable from our beta testers such as yourself, we will release the next version of EwE. We will also create an automatic testing tool to ensure inputs and outputs you have tested are identical throughout EwE's development. Your involvement will be invaluable.

Current test version: You will have access to all daily version of EwE. We ask for you to test specific versions of EwE, but occasionally will be asked to download the latest daily build version to test the bug. Currently, please test this version:

Update log: You also have access to view our update logs where you can track and view changes we have done to different versions in EwE6.

Log bugs: To log any bugs, please enter them in to Mantis. If you don't have access, please contact me ASAP. When submitting a report that is can be replicated only on your database, please zip up and email me: database and bug ID found in the bug tracker URL. Otherwise, simply submit the report into Trac:

Thank you very much for your time and will look forward to hearing your feed back.

Cheers, Sherman