09:44 Ticket #752 (Ecosim Results should not show Cost when catch is forced) closed by joeb
fixed: Cost is set to cCore.NULL_VALUE (-9999) if ForcedCatches? are loaded for a …


06:48 Ticket #751 (ecosim group plots only shows forced catches) closed by jeroens
not an issue: [10:45:24 AM] Sheila Heymans: forced z takes what is needed for M before …
06:42 Ticket #753 (Ecosim plots multiple time series cannot be distinguished) created by sheilah
we have 2 different time series for biomass and it gives the dots in the …


13:40 Ticket #752 (Ecosim Results should not show Cost when catch is forced) created by joeb
When a time series of type CatchesForcing? (-6 forced catches) has been …


09:20 Ticket #751 (ecosim group plots only shows forced catches) created by sheilah
We have both forced catch and F series in our model and it only shows the …


00:00 Milestone Ecopath 6: release 6.1.0 completed
Next major release.


09:02 Ticket #750 (MSE Default target fishing mortalities not set when importing model.) created by joeb
Somehow the default target fishing mortalities are never set or getting …


09:27 Ticket #749 (Existing plug-ins do not close forms when the core execution state should ...) created by jeroens
Plug-in forms that should only be available with Ecospace for instance do …
09:16 Ticket #748 (Existing plug-in forms do not close when a plug-in is disabled) created by jeroens
To reproduce: * Load the Network Analysis form * Go to Tools > …


07:59 Ticket #738 (Discarded Bycatch inside Ecospace's MPAs) closed by joeb


15:58 Ticket #744 (Contaminant Tracer Relative contaminant base map issues) closed by joeb
fixed: These issues seem to have been addressed 1. When a new Ecospace …


21:02 Ticket #747 (Regions out of MPAs) created by rodrigob
Hola, Few issues I have encountered when I made Regions out of four …
20:35 Ticket #746 (Stubborn MPAs - Not deleted) created by rodrigob
Hola - I drew a series on MPAs also I made regions out the MPAs and then …


17:28 Ticket #285 (Basemap - ecospace basemap draws on bordering cells) closed by jeroens
not fixable
17:24 Ticket #745 (Ecosim FiB index is wrong) created by villyc
FiB index calculations do not take volume of catch into account, and …
10:40 Ticket #742 (Contaminant tracer will throw an unhandled exception) closed by joeb
fixed: Fixed  When Contaminant Tracing is turned on for Ecospace the number of …
10:14 Ticket #744 (Contaminant Tracer Relative contaminant base map issues) created by joeb
1. For the Contaminant Tracer to work in Ecospace there needs to be values …
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