12:25 Ticket #648 (Flow pyramid reports an error) created by colettew
HI I've just imported my Ecopath model into Ewe 6. When running the ENA …
07:22 Ticket #292 (Adding fleets to Ecopath) closed by jeroens
fixed: Fixed 21 oct 09, only found the bug report today. It was logged to the …
06:59 Ticket #235 (Should the Dataset drop down in the Time Series form have a default entry ...) closed by jeroens
not an issue: The dataset drop down has been discontinued.
06:58 Ticket #230 (Navigation in the navigator using down and up arrows is not possible) closed by jeroens
not an issue: ...and most likely it shouldn't!
06:56 Ticket #520 (GUI allows users to make changes when a search is running) closed by jeroens
fixed: This should be a whole lot better, but needs further testing
06:37 Ticket #228 (Tabbing from the Set text box into the EwE grid is not being supported) closed by jeroens
fixed: What behaviour are you expecting? I have changed this to apply the …
06:16 Ticket #460 (columns in detritus fate & fishery discard fate are interchanged on ...) closed by jeroens
fixed: Fixed after 21oct09. Only the very last detritus group receives discards
05:45 Ticket #25 (Change AddEcospaceRegion and AddEcospaceMPA method) closed by jeroens
not an issue


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12:34 Ticket #647 (Getting dollar value used in the policy search) created by chrisb
Hi, I am using the policy search to optimize fishing effort for …


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16:52 Ticket #646 (Monte Carlo run trials cannot change from default) closed by joeb
fixed: Number of trials was getting reset to default(20) when timeseries was …
09:00 Ticket #646 (Monte Carlo run trials cannot change from default) created by shermanl
Kim Mutsert <kdemut1@…> The number of simulation trails in …
08:47 Ticket #645 (Cumulative graph export to csv outputs cumulative (bad)) created by shermanl
Description of Error Currently, mortalities are plotted in "Ecosim plots" …


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18:18 Ticket #644 (Relative biomass Timeseries not plotting properly) created by shermanl
When a TimeSeries? is set to relative (starting point at 1), it scales the …
10:48 Ticket #643 (Bug in policy search) created by chrisb
An error occurs if you run Ecosim before starting the policy search. The …


16:31 Ticket #642 (Load forcing function from CSV) created by shermanl
There is no code ready to load a forcing function from a CSV file. That …


14:31 Ticket #641 (Ecopath_Other production Changes automated test failed) created by carieh
Test complete cannot open the model on this one. It fails from the start, …
14:12 Ticket #640 (Ecopath_Diet change automated test failed) created by carieh
Fails at the save model point, AND not all the numbers are stored properly …
14:10 Ticket #639 (Biomass_Change automated test failed) created by carieh
Automated testing not working for save model as within test complete. …


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