17:30 Ticket #608 (Suggestion for network analysis under Ecosim runs) created by martac
When you run Ecosim and then network analysis, by default the csv file …


19:43 Ticket #607 (Database update: Not fired when double clicking on MDB file) created by shermanl
Database update prompt is not invoked when you double click on the mdb …
16:54 Ticket #606 (Program freezes if you do not save scenario when loading a new one) created by carieh
It seems you have to save a scenario (or changes to a scenario) when you …


06:47 Ticket #605 (Rename 'Ecosim Plots' to something a bit more obvious) created by cathyb
Ecosim plot label in navigator pane: could it be called Ecosim group plots …


19:38 Ticket #604 (Ecosim network analysis) created by martac
Ok, so I run Ecosim and go to Ecopath network plugin and run ecosim …
19:15 Ticket #603 (NumericUpDown control woes (was Ecosim does not pick up time frames of ...) created by martac
When more than one time series are loaded into ecosim it seems ecosim does …


10:09 Ticket #602 (Floating forms do not close when core execution state invalidates their ...) created by jeroens
In EwE6, output forms must close when their display data is invalidated: …


13:20 Ticket #601 (Import time series may create a dataset with 0 entries) created by martac
..which does not make sense This happens when performing an import …
13:17 Ticket #600 (Run Ecosim 'Reset All' does not reset time series) created by martac
In 5 it does


15:04 Ticket #599 (Adding diets when an Ecosim scenario is loaded will crash an Ecosim Run) created by villyc
Perform the following steps to reproduce: - Load a model - Load an …
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