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Ecopath multistanza `enter K of VBGF`

Reported by: shermanl Owned by: administrator
Priority: normal Milestone: Ecopath 6: build 6.0.7
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Reporter: Dave Chagaris (Dave.Chagaris@…)

After converting model, change ages in multistanza, hit ok, and recieved the enter K of VBGF would appear multiple times. Then after, the the linkages were lost.

See details of email exchanges below. Model will be waiting in JoeB and Jeroen's inbox.


Thanks for looking into this. As you may know, we have a large effort
going on here at FWRI using EwE. I am currently revising the Tampa Bay
model and we plan to have it in Ecospace by the end of the year. I like
the new interface, it's much more user-controlled! I'll continue to
send you bug reports as I will be using the new version daily. Attached
is a copy of the model with that crazy enter K of VBGF error that pops
up when you open the model. The multistanza groups were manually
re-linked after the first crash. Once I linked the multistanza groups
in edit group info all the VBG parameters reappeared.

Thanks again,

David Chagaris
Associate Research Scientist
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
100 8th Ave SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 896-8626 ext. 4305

From: Sherman Lai s.lai@…
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007 11:49 AM
To: Chagaris, Dave
Subject: Re: EwE6 Bug report


Thank you very much for logging this bug. We apologize for your
misfortune of repeated clicking, this definitely should not happen. We
will attempt to trace this bug down. Unfortunately, this seems to be
highly model dependent. If possible, we would appreciate it if you
could send your model.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Chagaris, Dave wrote:

EwE6 Bug report
Thank you for taking the time to fill out an EwE6 bug report, please
fill in the space below with as much detail as possible.

Description of Error
EwE core: enter K of VBGF then
`error calculating stanza variables. Artithmetic operation resulted in

an overflow`

Steps leading up to the error.
I went into edit group info to change the ages in a multistanza
group. When I changed the ages and hit OK (or maybe I pushed enter) I

recieved the first error, enter K of VBGF and had to click several
times before the box would go away. Then when I went back to basic
input in Ecopath all multistanza groups were no longer linked and
numbers were lost in multistanza window. After manually re-linking
the multistanza groups, I still got the enter K

Attachments such as database, timeseries information if necessary.
Zipping these files would be highly appreciated.




Change History

comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by joeb

A bug has been fixed in the core's logic that updated the indexes of Mulitstanza groups after an edit. This bug was manifesting itself in the Edit Multistanza dialogue and the Ecopath main parameters grid. Hopefully the indexing fix cured this bug.

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