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#404 closed Policy search objective button not using mandate option properly
#405 closed Policy search: ecosystem structure option not working correctly
#406 closed Ecospace dying out
#407 closed Ecosim small plots x scale values should show time series years
#408 closed Time Series crash
#409 closed Ecosim results Effort E/S values not correct
#410 closed Import TS: import should overwrite existing dataset
#411 closed Ecosim>FF>Values >cannot select all
#412 closed FF shapes not saving to bitmap
#413 closed Ecosim> run Ecosim> show/hide groups not displayed properly
#414 closed remarks bar does not have scroll option
#415 closed Ecosim -> Plots -> Browse
#416 closed Opening model to Ecospace with large map takes a looooooooooooooooong time
#417 closed Diet matrix warnings on created models
#418 closed Ecopath -> Flow diagram does not accept more than TL 5
#419 closed Network Analysis reporting negative respiration when Basic Estimates does NOT
#420 closed Edit Ecospace Scenario name & description missing
#421 closed Ecospace number of Timesteps should be default 12 (without decimal space)
#422 closed Assign Habitats -> Ecospace Area. Calculation of Ecospace Area wrong
#423 closed Ecospace->Basemap: Edit MPA
#424 closed Ecospace -> Dispersal: Default Dispersal rate should be 10km/year
#425 closed Ecsopace -> Edit MPA: Add/Remove MPA
#426 closed Ecospace->Run Ecospace: Display Options->Show only groups below: Will only show red values
#427 closed Ecospace->Run Ecospace: Ecospace will stop running before end of years
#428 closed Ecopath Basic Param: predation mortality form
#429 closed Network analysis (ecosim) got FIB but no graph of NA indices.
#430 closed detritus groups have EE=-9999.00
#431 closed color scheme for created models is all black--alterations to color scheme
#432 closed Save Scenario As... not working properly
#433 closed error when editing multistanza makes database unable to open
#434 closed Fit to time series crashes when changing number of blocks
#435 closed Fit to time series number of blocks from sensitivity search not the same as set by user
#436 closed Fit to time series colour scheme from the Sensitivity search not used by Fit to time series grid
#437 closed When P/B and Q/B are entered P/Q should be blocked
#438 closed Importing time series with weighting does not load properly
#439 closed Ecosim -> Plots -> Export to CSV - Will mess up if group names have '
#440 closed Ecospace -> Ecospace Parameters - Default model Value should be EwE6 multistanza
#441 closed Ecosim>Ecosim Plots> show all fits: rescaling y axis not working properly
#442 closed Add form under time series
#443 closed Changing values
#444 closed Scaling of fishing rates in Ecosim
#446 closed problem in showing the graph of mixed trophic impact.
#448 closed Policy search
#449 closed Delete all regions from a basemap and there is a crash
#450 closed Unable to open model after save
#451 closed Multi-stanza links are lost
#452 closed Multi-stanza information gets misassigned
#453 closed SS inconsistency
#454 closed Changed landing doesn't trigger calculations
#455 closed Database open an Economos project (EwEcost.mdb) file -> Wrong prompt
#456 closed detritus fate in does not update
#457 closed Remarks update inconsistently
#458 closed System font incompatibilities may crash EwE6
#459 closed Biomass accum / biomass accum rate update strategy differs from EwE5
#460 closed columns in detritus fate & fishery discard fate are interchanged on import into 6
#461 closed Scenario descriptions do not change when loading scenarios
#462 closed Ecospace plots are missing or cut off on RH and bottom edges
#463 closed Ecosim TimeSeries - Modify Values in the Time series and tumbnail does not update
#464 closed Colors 'Set to default' not working
#465 closed Punctuation characters in EwE5 model names may cause the EwE6 import process to crash
#466 closed Fishing policy search
#467 closed Fishing Policy Search giving unpredictable results
#468 closed Values for forcing functions
#469 closed Ecosim plot doesn't update
#470 closed Fishing policy
#472 closed Changing the depth/land layer in the ecospace map will affect existing Run Ecospace results
#473 closed Ecosim may crash when saving TS data in older EwE6 databases
#474 closed Importing model with FF gives 369 graphs
#475 closed Policy search interface
#476 closed Ecosim results
#477 closed Importer may not import Ecospace Habitat changes
#478 closed ecosim fitting plots
#479 closed Ecosim vulnerability set values
#480 closed imported model not balancing
#481 closed group numbers in `other production` tab are incorrect
#482 closed Graph output overlay in Ecosim freezes program
#483 closed MPA does not persist through core when loading
#484 closed EwE5 Database on Ecopath.org fails to import
#485 closed Mitsuyo MORI: F values for individual groups this does not seem to be read by ECOSIM
#486 closed Ecopath repeated prompts
#487 closed Negative BA does not show in Ecosim
#488 closed Mediation X baseline line missing
#489 closed Change shape interface issues
#490 closed Mediation shape editing
#491 closed Editing shapes with autoscale mode ON
#492 closed Import time series
#493 closed Time series import should immediately Apply
#494 closed Import TS dataset twice creates duplicate datasets
#495 closed Vulnerabilities 'Set' has unexpected side effects
#496 closed Vulnerabilities 'Set All' option has unpredicted results
#497 closed Status colouring of variables not properly reset
#498 closed FlowDiagram link missing
#499 closed I can't get the MTI image and Flow and Catch pyramids (Network analysis plug-in)
#500 closed The Flow diagram image can't be saved (Ecopath-Tools)
#501 closed How to save Ecopath results from Network Analysis
#502 closed Make New Database -> Ask if you want to update your database
#503 closed Crash on using navigation tree after a model has closed
#504 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal FF thumbnail not displaying properly
#505 closed Database Conversion Wizard sets variables to EwE.mdb instead of EwEmdb
#506 closed Ecospace> edit MPA's> automatically selects all months
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