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#203 closed Edit MPAs form not updating properly
#204 closed Edit regions - cannot change number of regions
#205 closed Apply Time Series overwrites original forcing function data
#206 closed Forcing function form - values box causes crash when you hit ok
#207 closed Windows menu - 'close all 'clears Navigator window
#208 closed Cannot open previously converted EwE 6 models
#209 closed Ecosim- parameters-Nutrient loading forcing # needs corresponding FF #
#210 closed Forcing functions need numbers and names
#211 closed Add kite to policy optimizations
#212 closed FF duplicate button not working correctly
#213 closed Status bar does not reflect new name of models `saved as`
#214 closed Forcing function numbers not easily available for hatchery and nutrient forcing
#215 closed Ecosim FF values- not saving changes
#216 closed FF - options- shape- not working properly
#217 closed Two missing options on Biomass form - Fleet dynamics and Network analysis
#218 closed Ecosim FF- seasonal shapes 1-3 have long-term status
#219 closed Ecosim Vulnerabilities- set vulnerabilities function only allows 1 column at a time
#220 closed Deleting grid columns
#221 closed Ecosim- Vulnerabilities tab- missing buttons
#222 closed Egg Production values cannot be entered- program will not accept changes
#223 closed FF save as- needs axis
#224 closed Egg production- Options- shape- not working properly
#225 closed Egg Production- saving shape to scenario does not work
#226 closed Apply egg production- need to re-number shapes
#227 closed Apply Egg production- set all to production # does not work
#228 closed Tabbing from the Set text box into the EwE grid is not being supported
#229 closed Estimate Vulnerabilities button needs to be implemented
#230 closed Navigation in the navigator using down and up arrows is not possible
#231 closed Do the Ecopath
#232 closed Should the Mediation
#233 closed Focus is lost when tabbing into into certain regions of the forms
#234 closed The horizontal scroll bar in Ecosim Parameter and Ecospace Parameter forms is not working properly
#235 closed Should the Dataset drop down in the Time Series form have a default entry `All`?
#236 closed No horizontal nor vertical scroll bar in Time Series form even though its AutoScroll property has been set to True
#237 closed There is no interface available to set/change the name of a model
#238 closed Status bar-cannot read last line automatically
#239 closed Time series save image needs labels
#240 closed time series values cannot be set
#241 closed Time series duplicate shape changes screen- and gives wrong date
#242 closed Add time series does not save values
#243 closed Time series long term vs seasonal tab not updating properly
#244 closed Tabbing in Edit-Multi Stanza form does not go in full circle
#245 closed In the Edit Multi-Stanza form one can delete data in the read-only cell
#246 closed Ecopath output>fishery value some values highlighted
#247 closed Ecopath output> Value- non-market value not correct
#248 closed Tabbing in Add time series form does not go in full circle
#249 closed Mediation Reset/New/Duplicate/Add always setting to 1.0
#250 closed Apply Egg Production Crash
#251 closed Network analysis Mix Trophic Impact (loading Impacts.exe and others) Crash [model specific]
#252 closed The current design would not run the Network Analysis repeatedly
#253 closed App crashes when user change db model
#254 closed Fishing policy search> not all buttons functional
#255 closed Fishing policy search> first year for gear type not blocked out
#256 closed Fishing policy search> results not consistent with version 5
#257 closed Fishing Policy Search> output groups not correct
#258 closed Logging application events in the Log file seriously affects application performance
#259 closed Ecosim Group Color graph line are all the same color
#260 closed Model fails to save when timeseries Applied
#261 closed Fishing Policy search needs to redim to new number of Years
#262 closed Monte Carlo overlay does not overlay each run/trial
#263 closed Ecosim 'Scale' = true should fix the scale of the plot.
#264 closed Monte Carlo Mean value should be Read Only (not editable)
#265 closed Monte Carlo 'Data from best fitting trial' should be read only
#266 closed Monte Carlo 'Annual output' should be the default output mode
#267 closed Stock recruitment plot 'S/R plot' will not draw
#268 closed Ecospace forms not changing when new scenario loaded
#269 closed Ecospace basemap
#270 closed Ecospace Maps error on Baltic model
#271 closed Ecospace maps will not draw
#272 closed Cannot create new models
#273 closed Basic input> multistanza drop down not working
#274 closed Ecosim scenarios WILL NOT RUN without a fleet
#275 closed double clicking on a multistanza group in basic input> edit multistanza errors
#276 closed Forcing function shapes> exponential not working
#277 closed EwE Network Analysis plug-in does not show up in EwE component overview (Help > About ... > More)
#278 closed Changing group colours fails to change group colours in Ecosim plot
#279 closed Deleted fleets still in Ecosim 'Fishing rate (relative)' 'Target' dropdown combo box
#280 closed Changing number of ecosim years fails if time series data is loaded
#281 closed Add/ Duplicate egg production shape alters existing graphs
#282 closed Apply Egg production thumbnails not reflecting graphs
#283 closed Ecosim results not consistent with version 5
#284 closed Ecosim output>individual plots not working
#285 closed Basemap - ecospace basemap draws on bordering cells
#286 closed Ecospace Habitat and Fishery set default value = ALL
#287 closed Update issue when clicking tabs (works for tree node)
#288 closed Ecospace number of year needs to be the same as Ecosim
#289 closed Importing lots of Time Series
#290 closed Apply Egg production> assigning groups does not save
#291 closed Fisheries Landings grid explodes if you select a row
#292 closed Adding fleets to Ecopath
#293 closed Edit multi-stanza: Fixed fecundity
#294 closed Fit to timeseries: vulnerability blocks
#295 closed Edit multi-stanza: stage duration
#296 closed Multistanza group ordering
#297 closed Default value for market price
#298 closed Ecopath
#299 closed Ecopath: Diet composition table
#300 closed Ecosim
#301 closed Ecosim > ApplyFF interface crashes under rare circumstances
#302 closed Create Ecospace scenario fails
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