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#1603 closed Add RelPP layer for each PP group
#1604 closed Time series fitting and blocking vulnerabilites
#1605 closed Cannot stop STWF
#1606 closed StWF main window is too large for low-res monitors
#1607 closed Fit to TS field errors
#1608 closed Ecosim output CSV file name sometimes incomplete
#1609 closed Import TS type 2 cannot have 0 values
#1610 closed Standard EwE header in XML format malformed
#1611 closed ASCII file import should use fixed US number format
#1612 closed ASCII file import should allow .txt file extensio
#1613 closed Tool nav tree icon has no transparent background
#1614 closed EcoIND does not compute Catch if Mammals, Seabirds and Reptiles correctly
#1615 closed Ecosampler does not run in Beta 1
#1616 closed Ecosampler does not store SS
#1617 closed Ecosampler does not use start sampel correctly run batch
#1619 closed Fleet mediation interactions are not drawn in the mediation pies
#1620 closed Ecopath flow diagram shows PB, not P
#1621 closed Ecospace CSV output ignores land and excluded cells
#1622 closed Run Ecospace fleet/group combo gets confused
#1623 closed Cannot delete fleets
#1624 closed Ecospace spin-up does not populate UI anymore
#1625 closed Fit to time series needs a vulnerability cap
#1626 closed Stepwise fitting is slow
#1627 closed Fit to Time Series sometimes cannot search by predator
#1628 closed Apply Fit to Time Series vul cap also in stepwise fitting
#1629 closed Access database size becoming a problem
#1630 closed No warning when effort power set to 0
#1631 closed Allow import of "sketched" shapes via a CSV file
#1632 closed Add biomass emitter plug-in
#1633 closed Biomass emitter should be usable to boost biomass in habitats too
#1634 closed Allow varyng Ecopath fleet costs through time series
#1635 closed EcoIND output for Ecospace includes excluded cells
#1636 closed Ecosampler samples can still contain negative respiration
#1637 closed Add diet tree maps
#1639 closed Limit Ecospace output volume by filtering by group and fleet
#1640 closed Add Golden Surfer ASCII grid support
#1641 closed Include catch time series in Ecosim fitting
#1642 closed Bring external data forward / extend to the future
#1643 closed Cannot scale to external data brought forward
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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