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#1027 closed Forcing functions should only show the number of Ecosim years
#1028 closed Shape sketch pads X-axis label placements are incorrect
#1029 closed Ecosim Forcing Function do not save data past 100 years
#1030 closed Change shape form should show the name of the shape that is being edited
#1031 closed Mediation and Price Elasticity shape clip X axis to number of Ecosim year
#1032 closed Mediation shape no longer seem to show the Ecopath baseline
#1033 closed Pedigree values do not copy correctly
#1034 closed Changes to Flow Diagram
#1036 closed Group plots not workingin Ecosim
#1037 closed Importing basemaps into Ecospace fails
#1039 closed Save Ecosim to CSV should export only visible plots
#1040 closed Ecospace throws an Exception after maps have been re-sized
#1041 closed Fleet statistics missing when editing all fleets effort
#1042 closed MTI graph grid size
#1043 closed Landings grid paste
#1044 closed Capacity shapes should be rescaled vertically via mouse
#1045 closed Graph tooltip flickers and eats up CPU time
#1046 closed Stanza missing parameters message is malformed
#1047 closed Make database backup the working copy for a new version of EwE
#1048 closed Monte Carlo not working for multi-stanza
#1049 closed Vulnerabilities search should only affect coloured blocks
#1050 closed Enter press in Grid cells should advance to the next editable cell
#1051 closed Unclear error message when database drivers are not installed
#1052 closed Not clear which EwE version made last modifications
#1053 closed Alterations to pedigree causes error
#1054 closed Show connected links when selecting a unit
#1055 closed Default names should not be 'unknown'
#1056 closed Monte Carlo does not reset to changes in Vulnerability
#1057 closed Saving Ecosim to CSV does not save Value
#1059 closed Cancelling a DB update will keep the database locked
#1060 closed Value Chain results grid should show thousands separators
#1061 closed Allow multiple links between two units
#1062 closed Value Chain saving takes too long
#1063 closed Value Chain layout logic needs to be improved
#1064 closed Sum of Squares value might be wrong in EwE 6.2
#1065 closed Report global SVN build number in EwE
#1066 closed Form control layout is affected by ZedGraphHelper
#1067 closed Ecopath does not save catches for detritus groups
#1068 closed Add value ratio for links from producers
#1069 closed Add value chain base year
#1070 closed Value Chain zoom factor out of whack when scrolling
#1071 closed It takes too long to clear a grid
#1072 closed The "Set" box in vulnerabilities do not work
#1073 closed Stanza grids may not group life stages together
#1074 closed Model craches after creating groups in a new model
#1078 closed Add variation of diet to Monte Carlo
#1079 closed Time Series weight only applies to reference series
#1080 closed Ecospace groups on land
#1081 closed spam
#1082 closed spam
#1083 closed spam
#1084 closed Publications not sorted by author
#1085 closed Cannot create anonymous tickets
#1086 closed Website subscriptions do not work
#1090 closed Biomass curve in Normalized value / age plot is off in Edit Multi Stanza
#1091 closed Add CV to time series
#1092 closed Deleting group may cause model load error
#1093 closed Grids do not support repeated paste
#1094 closed Ecosim allocates fishing mortality from fishing effort wrongly
#1095 closed Undocking time series form shows extra, unknown shapes
#1096 closed Script errors on start panel
#1097 closed Cannot sketch seed cells in MPA optimizations form
#1098 closed No map zoom in MPA optimizations form
#1099 closed Ecospace run graph saves confusing data to file
#1100 closed Add central option to control automatic result saving
#1101 closed Add discards time series to Ecosim
#1103 closed Separate leading B and leading QB
#1104 closed Ecospace warns for missing habitats even when capacity model does not use habitats
#1105 closed Unloaded information may still be shown as 'selected'
#1106 closed Mixed trophic impact plot - circles plot needs to be inverted?
#1107 closed Ecosim is limited to 100 groups
#1108 closed Monte Carlo CV value edits do not get applied anymore after a run
#1109 closed Monte Carlo CV values of 0 result in strange upper limits
#1110 closed Monte Carlo seems to perturb values outside allowed limits
#1111 closed Ecospace cost summary not correct when running 1 time step per year
#1112 closed Centrally manage which EwE components save outputs
#1113 closed Flow diagram should not hide groups
#1114 closed Maps should display hover toolbar
#1115 closed Ecospace run map should export legend
#1116 closed Cannot set values in the Fishing cost map
#1117 closed Ecospace Predict effort checkbox has no effect
#1118 closed Ecospace Results Value and Cost missing.
#1119 closed Multi-file spatial data set UI could use improving
#1120 closed External data connection UI needs improving
#1121 closed MAP optimizations form may throw an exception when closed
#1122 closed Ecosim and Ecospace scenario dialogs not shown in Presentation Mode
#1124 closed Edit layer data may cause layer image to be lost
#1125 closed Monte Carlo option Load From Pedigree does not work
#1126 closed Ecospace results time steps does not always responded correctly.
#1127 closed Ecospace results grid incorrect for the "End:" period
#1129 closed Group SS shown in Run Ecosim is unclear
#1130 closed Add SS contribution display
#1131 closed Better reflect habitat area fractions
#1133 closed Network analysis [appears to] hang[s]
#1134 closed Ecospace throws an exception if Ecosim Reset all has been clicked
#1135 closed Graphs should only show visible items in the legend
#1136 closed Ecosim plot catch by fleet is inconsistent
#1137 closed Need Ecopath version in Trac reports
#1138 closed Ecospace output maps may run out of sync
#1139 closed Increasing ecospace map size creates input map artifact
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